¬†Welcome! Thank you SO for being here! I am in love with all things organic, real, natural and delicious! I try to keep this really simple as I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 boys so I don’t get a bunch of quiet time to write on here. My focus is on food and giving you all the recipes I create or adapt! I hope in my journey to health and healing you can find something here that will help you as well! Whether that be skin care, homeopathic remedies I use during those sick times or a great waffle recipe, I hope I can help! You can use the search bar to find anything you need. Right now I am currently still adding so many things onto the site¬†so please have patience as I’m getting this packed with goodies! If you don’t see something you’ve been searching for, shoot me an email and request it! I will do my BEST to add new recipes, health tips or whatever you are searching for. In the mean time enjoy the recipes I do have up and if you have any questions send me an email! Peace and love to you!