Hi! A little about my personal healing journey and who I am.

I am Lindsi and I have been married to my husband Joe for 3 years. He has been such a blessing to me and a vital part of my healing as my biggest supporter. I know a lot of people who go through chronic illness do not have the best support system. It is a lot for loved ones to bear! Being sick and in pain all the time puts a damper on everyone’s life. Plans are cancelled, nights are filled with not doing much, moods are changed easily and fun is put on hold. I couldn’t imagine the pain of going through something like this alone. He has been next to me every step of the way. At doctor appointments, helping me with my fibromyalgia pain by rubbing my neck, running me baths, doing the laundry some weekends to help my stress level, by giving me a shoulder to cry (or sleep) on whenever I needed him. I honestly couldn’t begin to imagine what my life would look like without him.

I spend my life as a stay at home mother of 3 boys. Njomai is 9, Matthias is 5 and Eli is 2 years old. Njomai was diagnosed with eczema and activity induced asthma as a baby. I was a new ย mom and didn’t really know anything but what the doctors told me was right. I vaccinated him, gave him all the steriods for both his skin and his respiratory attacks and I dosed him up with antibiotics whenever they were prescribed. I even gave him multiple ย bleach baths as recommended; although every single time I KNEW that I was not doing what was best and hated every minute. I didn’t question anything until those bleach baths with our last dermatologist. Nothing was changing and nothing was getting better for him. For 5 years all I was doing was suppressing his immune system and symptoms but never addressing diet or toxic chemicals in my home and on his skin. I decided to take him off all medicated skin creams in the winter 2012. I used only homemade salves made with shea butter, coconut oil beeswax and essential oils. I used non toxic soaps and cleaning supplies for my house. And over the last 2 years I have been slowly changing every part of his diet. First taking out gluten and dairy and then grains. He is now strict plant based with a focus on raw foods. We are still in the process of detoxing him and healing from the inside out. All those years of pumping him full of horrible things, it will take awhile to undo that but we are determined to do so!

I was diagnosed in April 2015 at the age of 30 with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is an auto immune disease of the thyroid and hypothyroidism. I have struggled with my thyroid since a young girl and actually recently found out through old medical records that my thyroid hormone has been wonky for years without my doctor ever telling me. But that’s another issue. Since my autoimmune diagnosis, I have made it my mission and passion in my life to get myself and my family healthy. I have been to many different kinds of doctors from regular western medicine to naturopaths, all giving me different advice. I have been told to take medications, to eat specific diets, to take or stay away from different supplements. I have tried various routes to find healing. I believe you have to find what works for you. It may take time, it could take years to figure out what your body needs and doesn’t like. I believe after almost 2 years on this journey, I am in that place. I used the paleo lifestyle for a year and a half which did help with many things. But I have always wanted to be plant based for many reasons. Since Njomai has been struggling and I was had stopped progressing, I decided to go for it. With the use of a whole plant based diet, essential oils and herbal medicine we are on the real path to healing our bodies in every way. I have brought my antibodies from over 1000 to 300 by natural means alone. I also have reversed my hypothyroidism. I am working on putting my autoimmune disease into remission and completely healing my sons eczema.I hope you can find something that possible speaks to you and helps you on your journey as well. I appreciate you being here supporting us!

If you feel the urge or nudge to support my journey and helping my family out, that is always something that is appreciated! It is extremely expensive to live a lifestyle as we do. Trying to heal more than one person with organic, whole foods, getting all the supplements we need, paying out of pocket on doctors and specialist is not something that is cheap. But neither is our life, we value our health so we invest in it! With a family of 5 on one income, it sometimes causes stress but we do it! We understand that our health and vitality is more important than anything. Because without that, you aren’t really living. I also love doing this, it is truly my passion and I hope in this you find something that helps you! Maybe someday I’ll have my own restaurant or health store or SOMETHING!




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Sandra Schreiner

    I am so very proud of you, and excited for you on this new chapter you and God are writing together. I just know you are going to help so many from your own personal trials. Thank you and God Bless!!! Sandra

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  2. Nadiyra Boddie

    I absolutely love what you are doing Lindsi! You have and will continue to touch many lives with your passion. I’ll be sure to try some of your recipes. Many blessings to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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